wine as a platform independent GUI toolkit

Tim Roberts timr at
Thu Mar 11 07:19:41 CET 2004

brian at (Brian) wrote:
> lists the Python
>interfaces/wrappers/bindings to various widget sets (Tcl/Tk,
>wxWindows, Qt, GTk+, FLTK, FOX, and OpenGL).  I'm surprised that
>nothing exists for wine.  The only solution I can think of is to
>install the win32 python and Pythonwin, but this seems akward to me. 
>Is there any way for me to run a python script natively on linux that
>drives a win32 gui (running with wine).  In other words, is there any
>way to hook into the Wine widget toolkit?

Wine doesn't have a widget toolkit.  Wine just provides enough hooks so
that Win32 programs (and user32.dll) can draw their own widgets.

Theoretically, if you copied a Win32 Python installation to Linux, you
might be able to win32gui to draw things via Wine, or even the Win32 port
of wxWidgets, but that would be silly.
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