Final Project - GUI front-end - Accessing and returning data from a file

Stewart Midwinter stewartNO at
Mon Mar 8 07:31:54 CET 2004

Bugsyboy9 wrote:

> Essentially, I want to have a GUI front-end asking the user for what
> inventory item they are looking for, have them click an enter button,
> have the code search a file for the requesters string and return the
> information within the same GUI front-end.

well, probably the easiest GUI toolkit out there is easygui,

It's procedural, rather than event-driven, and will allow you to create 
simple dialogs that ask the user for input and provide output back to 
them. You only need to install one file on top of the regular Python, so 
long as Tkinter is part of that installation.

Good luck!


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