Tabbing probs

Michael mogmios at
Mon Mar 29 18:09:19 CEST 2004

> Once again:
> They use tabs but they want to do 4 space indentation.
> That means they use a tab when it fits, and 4 spaces when not...
> def mixed_tabs():
> ....if blah: # this is 4 spaces
> --------pass # this is one tab

Ahh, I think I follow you. I think that'd be the mark of a bad coder. 
Whichever method of indenting a program uses should be carried out in a 
uniform manner. Either all spaces or all tabs. I just use one tab per 
level of indention. One space per level of indention would also be 
acceptable to me (but hard to read). Four spaces to me would be 
confussing (because of the need to count) and annoying (because of the 
need to press space four times per level of indention per line). Mixed 
would be right out.

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