Python database

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Thu Mar 11 19:43:44 CET 2004

> If you want to make a Wiki-Page with full-text-search:
> ==>
> and: its based on python and Apache

I've been checking that out already. It's not quite what I want. To be 
honest, I want to reinvent the wheel :)   I would like to make my own 
wiki-clone (it's fun!) but I don't want to spend to much time with the 
data base so I need something simple.

Maybe I'm too rude who is asking questions here without first reading 
online manuals and tutorials in-depth. It's just that after like one 
hour of browsing the web (and skimming Steve Holdens book) there doesn't 
seem to be any clear winner. I would like something standard and I had 
hoped that there would be a standard Python module which would help me, 
but there is not, or so it seems to me.

           / Have a nice day!

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