A 'Python like' language

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sat Mar 27 19:44:26 CET 2004

    Michele> It makes no sense to say "look, Python was a beatiful and
    Michele> simple language until a couple of years ago: now they have
    Michele> added metaclasses and it has become a mess, I must switch to
    Michele> something simpler". All the code you wrote before metaclasses
    Michele> is still clean, simple and still works!

Step 1.  Admit you have a problem.

Hello, my name is Skip and I am metaclass-unaware.  I've been programming in
Python for about ten years and I have yet to write a metaclass.  At first I
thought it was just that metaclasses were new to the language, but now as
more and more people use them and proclaim their widespread benefits, I have
come to realize that through years of abuse my brain has become addicted to
classic classes.

what-was-step-2-again?-ly, y'rs,


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