wxWindows Themes

Kenneth Payne kmp at atrium.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Mar 10 15:56:27 CET 2004

I'm just experimenting with wxPython coding with wxWindows on SuSE 9.0. 
However, my application looks awful. And it's not my code - the demo apps 
look awful too. 

The font is ugly (every font you pick looks just the same) and the general 
look and feel is terrible. 

My desktop is KDE so I do not have Gnome installed, but I run gtk-based apps 
like Gimp and Eclipse and they look fine.  

Since wxWindows on Linux is based on gtk, I assume this is because my gtk 
installation isn't properly themed or set up. 

So I installed a set of gtk themes. I then found through a little bit of
googling a program called gtk-theme-switch. This excellent program allows
you to preview and apply gtk themes. The "preview" works great - I can see
all the cool themes I've got installed and they look super. Howeever, the
"apply" doesn't seem to work because my wxWindow app still sticks to some
kind of ugly default theme and so does wxglade and the demo programs and
even gtk-theme-switch itself. 

Then I found there was a function call wxWindow::SetThemeEnabled(boolean). I
tried this in my program but it made no difference.

Does anyone know how I get my python wxWindows app themed or at least
looking as good as Gimp or Eclipse? 

Best wishes

- Ken

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