What's missing from python?

Anthony_Barker anthony_barker at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 23 17:45:32 CET 2004

> > Encryption - AES and 3DES. Possibly RSA and Certificate processing.
> > DNS - Something better than gethostbyaddr for looking up other record 
> > types.
> > Database - Something suitable for small projects / prototypes like 
> > pysqlite or something in pure python even.
> > SSL/TLS - Some useful support...

I agree and would add the ldap module.

My feeling is that once a module is included in the standard library
the level of documentation and testing improves significantly. I've
always prefered the python way of including libraries over perl.

If the distro is too large you could always modify the installer to
allow users to choose which modules to include(like ms office does
with apps).

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