win gui thoughts? perhaps a non-Pythonic approach?

asdf sdf asdf at
Thu Mar 25 18:54:33 CET 2004

i need some advice.  i'm a back end programmer historically, but have 
been exploring python for webapps and enjoying it.

i need to build some simple Win client-server or standalone apps.

the result needs to look professional and attractive, and i need 
something i can get working fairly quickly with a modest learning curve.

i'm looking at wxPython, because that is a pythonic solution.  but i'm 
concerned about the scarcity of gentle introductory 
tutorial/documentation.  dialog editors/wysiwyg screen painters seem to 
exist but are at an early stage of development.

I contrast this with Delphi which is
a) inexpensive,
b) lots of excellent database-driven widgets (which i need),
c) very attractive,
d) very small footprint,
e) redistributable,
f) high technical quality,
e) much sample code,
f) integration with very solid free or very inexpensive databases 
(interbase, jdatastore, thunderbird),
g) excellent ide.
h) good documentation, user community

Good data-driven widgets combined with a good layout tool mean that 
simple apps can be easily created.  I might get something working in a 
couple of days.

only downside to delphi i see is the longer-term future of Borland's 
non-.NET products. just shipped.  python is a much cooler 
language than pascal (delphi) but pascal is not bad or hard to learn.

bottom-line: i suspect that i'll much more quickly get a good gui 
working with Delphi than with wxPython, and for little money to boot. 
Might be a throwaway in the long-term but no problem if it is cheap and 
easy.  My customer doesn't care either way.

any thoughts on this?

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