Static Typing in Python

Bruno Desthuilliers bdesth.quelquechose at
Tue Mar 16 11:12:33 CET 2004

Peter Hickman wrote:
> Premshree Pillai wrote:
>>  --- Peter Hickman <peter at> wrote: >
>> Premshree Pillai wrote:
>>>> Like in C, C++, etc, Python too is
>>>> strongly typed, i.e., variables are necessarily
>>>> bound
>>>> to a particular type.
> [deletia]
>> The above returns a TypeError in Python, but not in
>> PHP, which is weakly typed.
>> Get it?
> The only two (or perhaps one and a half) languages you used as reference 
> were C and C++. Which you said 'Like in C, C++, etc, Python too is 
> strongly typed'. What has PHP got to do with it? How does PHP's typing 
> have anything to do with Python's?

It has... Both are dynamically typed.

> Typing in C and C++ is different to Python.
> int c = 0;
> c = "fred";
> No can do in C and C++.

int c = (int)"fred";

> c = 0
> c = "fred"
> No problem in Python.

And then c + 4 will raise an exception.

> So just how is Python strongly typed 'like in C, C++, etc'?

You already had the answer -or at least part of- in this thread, but 
braindeadly dismissed it.


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