Using bound variables in Tkinter events

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> I'm coming to Tkinter from Tcl/Tk. In Tcl I can get a variable in an event
> using the %<X> substitution mechanism. For example, I can set up a command
> like:
>  entry .e -validate 1 -vcmd "checkkey %d"
> knowing that the '%d' will be replaced by something useful - whether the
> entry widget has recieved an insert or deletion in this case. The checkkey
> procedure will recieve "insert", "delete" or whatever as its first
> parameter.
> What is the Tkinter way of getting that %d value?

It's in the event object that's passed as the (only) parameter
to your event handler. Everything you ever wanted to know
about the event is an attribute.

There are a number of very good references to Tkinter on
the first page of the Python Library Reference section on
Tkinter. (That's section 16 in the Python 2.3 reference)

John Roth

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