Python as replacement for PHP?

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Fri Mar 5 08:36:19 CET 2004

Peter Maas <fpetermaas at> wrote in message news:<c27lfc$5kq$1 at>...
> R. Rajesh Jeba Anbiah schrieb:
> >    If you do *programming* without knowing what to pass to a
>  >    function
> > or what a function returns, you're a complete idiot as a idiot can be.
> > Moreover, if you take it as an argument against PHP, you're yet
> > another ignorant and obviously you don't have any rights to speak
> > about PHP nor anything.
> Excuse me ... Does the life of your children depend on a friendly.
> reception of PHP?

   Sorry, I couldn't understand what do you mean here (My first
language is Tamil)

> I'm just searching a reason for your aggressiveness.

   No need to embarrass yourself by researching; I've already said the
reason. Did you read the thread actually?

> Never saw that in

   Might be some problem with your news server. Perhaps you should
read the thread first
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