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>> There were some posts recently discussing whether it's poor style to put
>> import statements inside functions.  I recently got reminded that there's
>> one very good reason to avoid it: Python has an import lock that blocks
>> more than one thread from executing import statements.  Putting import
>> statements inside functions that might be called in a threaded
>> environment is asking for deadlock trouble.
>Just saw this on the week Python URL... anyway, an alternative that
>should be safer:
>somemodule = None
>def whatever():
>    global somemodule
>    if somemodule is None:
>        import somemodule
>I'm still not sure if it's entirely safe in all cases, but I think it
>is...?  Anyway, it allows for lazy loading.

Enh.  You've got an idea, but your implementation probably still has a
race condition.  And you're breaking "simple is better than complex".
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