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>> Wow!!  And I thought it was just me.  Could you point me to a PEP or
>> other discussion?  I would sure like to know the history of this.
>> Could it be that in adding "lambda calculus" to Python, Guido was
>> snowed by the language theorists? <half wink>
>There's a presentation on the Python site - go to Doc, then to
>Guido's Essay's, then to Presentations. It's called Python Regrets.
>Google has an HTML version if you use "Python Regrets Guido"
>as the keywords.

Interesting that Guido says lambda is confusing. 

Interesting also that he is proposing two functions in place of
This sounds very similar to Paul Prescod's proposal a few days ago on
this newsgroup, except that Paul is proposing to do it all with one
show() function.  I like the one function.

Other surprises:  Deprecating reload()

Thanks for the link.

-- Dave

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