3D apps in Python?

Erik Max Francis max at alcyone.com
Tue Mar 23 04:04:58 CET 2004

"Brandon J. Van Every" wrote:

> Yes, that is looking like the task before me.  I haven't found 3D
> anything -
> app, engine, whatever - that is truly Python-oriented for its
> development.
> Python is viewed by the 3D world as a scripting language, not a
> development
> language.

Why is this the task before you?  Why do you care if a project using
Python is completely Python is written in C or C++ for the bits that
have to be optimized?  Why do you care how Python is viewed in the 3D
world, for whatever reason?

You've been "evaluating" Python for months and months now, though your
form of "evaluation" seems to be choosing arbitrary and useless criteria
and then demanding that people prove to you that Python meets them for
unspecified goals.  You make up your mind before you start (knowing
nothing about Python in the first place), then look publicly for reasons
that match up with your preordained conclusion, annoying people who
might otherwise have helped you along the way.  Hell, at one point you
were most of the way through evaluating Python for use with AI and
hadn't even considered whether Python had floating point support yet!

You keep dismissing Python but then bizarrely coming back to it.  Isn't
it about time to poop or get off the pot?  Pick a straightforward but
non-trivial project in Python and _do_ it.  All you're doing now is
running in circles, wasting your own time, and annoying everyone you
encounter in the process.

Python is a very easy language to use and learn, and it's very powerful.
Someone who claims to be fluent in C++ should have no problem learning
the fundamentals in an afternoon, becoming proficient in a week, and
becoming blindingly productive within a month.  So why haven't you?

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