3D apps in Python?

Brad email at msn.com
Tue Mar 23 05:32:17 CET 2004

Erik Max Francis wrote:

 > François Pinard wrote:
 >> Indeed.  The pattern is always the same.  Some innocuous question or
 >> remark at the start, ...
 > Well, it's usually innocuous on its face, but look a little deeper and
 > you see that really he's just looking for a fight.  Take this thread as
 > a good example; it seems reasonable enough to ask for examples of
 > all-Python 3D applications, but even by his first reply we see where
 > he's coming from:  He's implicitly asserting that Python is unsuitable
 > for this and demanding that other people prove to him otherwise.  Blah
 > blah blah, scripting language, not a development language, yadda yadda
 > yadda.
 > (Whether it is or isn't suitable for this task is a separate question,
 > but this is a lousy way to start a fact-finding search.)

What a sick fuck.  Now I know why they call people like him trolls.

This guy has 1600 newsgroup posts in the past year with one email address:
and before that had 5000 with another email address:

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