GUI Frameworks in Python?

Greg Krohn greg at invalid.invalid
Wed Mar 31 03:51:35 CEST 2004

Peter Hansen wrote:
> The first time I launched IDLE, it took almost three seconds.  (I don't
> have the Python installer compile .py files ahead of time.)  After that
> it takes about one second as well.
> I'm curious about the differences with wxPython.  Three seconds seems
> unusually long when on a slightly slower machine I can do it in well
> under a second.  Was that the first time you ran it?  Many other apps
> open?  I have over 256MB RAM free when I try this...
> -Peter

Running Hugh's timing script from the command prompt, right after a 
reboot, I get 1.1 seconds. Then on successive runs I get between 0.1 and 
0.2 seconds. Then I ran the wx demo (without rebooting) and it was just 
under 1.5 seconds for the splash. On successive runs it was well under 1 

So, maybe wxPython's not as bad as I thought. It's like my car in the 
winter: I need to run out and start it up every few hours to make sure I 
can make it home. ;)


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