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> In message <Xns94A4C17566601rzed at>, rzed wrote:
>> This "gradoo" of which you speak ... where did you learn the
>> word? I only ask, because I know (and use) "gradeau",
>> pronounced like I imagine "gradoo" would be pronounced, to mean
>> miscellaneous cruft or garbage
> For your interest:
> http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=gradeau
> "gradeau        
>     anything nasty that is small and slimy on you or anything
>     else, ie., eye 
> slime from a dog or mucous of any sort
>     ewww, there's gradeau on my arm ewww"
> http://www.collectivecopies.com/informative.htm
> "Funky Gradoo
> Colorful Southern term for schmutz (Yiddish), crud (Yankee) or
> other unwanted marks, spots or streaks on a copy."

Thank you. Yes, I saw the urbandictionary entry, and I've seen 
about a hundred uses of the term in the sense I'm talking about by 
Googling around, mostly in Google news. 

I'm interested in finding out where it came from and when it 
originated. I saw one post that claimed it was a Cajun term, which 
I suppose could be the "colorful Southern term" mentioned above, 
but I am not sure how to verify that. I haven't seen any dated use 
before the early 1990's. 

> [And now, back to your regular programming...]


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