a desired python editor

Jim Benson jbenson at sextans.lowell.edu
Tue Mar 9 03:13:13 CET 2004


  Does anyone know of a source code editor for python
that has the following characteristics:

1) Freeware (desired)
2) Runs on Linux (required)
3) Syntax high lighting (required)
4) A separate window for each file opened (desired)  
5) A way of seeing (and jumping to) the names of all methods/functions 
   data elements in the file. (required)

I have been using jcc (Code Crusader) from http://newplanetsoftware.com/
for years (even before it went commercial) for c++ and java code. It has 
all of my required traits for C, C++ and Java...but not yet for python.

Boa has all but item 4...but it has a few other nuisances
on Linux (at least RH-9) that cause me to to look for something
Nedit has all but item 5.


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