Python Documentation Blows!

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at
Wed Mar 31 06:59:21 CEST 2004

> Yeah, I agree that pygame's docs are really good.  I enjoy bouncing
> around in those when I am working with pygame.  wxPython is just bad
> in that its docs are sprinkled throughout the wxWindows docs and
> there isn't a central place to go when you want to know How To Do
> Something that is not explicitly treated by the wxWindows docs.

The trick with wxPython and wxWindows docs is that the entirety of 
wxWindows is available to wxPython, through (on the most part) identical 
class and function calls.  In those cases when there are differences, 
the differences are noted.

For those who need more documentation, usually, example code is as good 
documentation as you'd find.  For that, there is the wxPython demo.

In general, Robin Dunn is the only person who is maintaining wxPython, 
and I am glad that he's spending his time with wxPython, rather than the 

If you are having problems understanding the wxWidgets documentation, 
learning a bit of C (not much, just a bit) will likely go a /long/ way 
towards understanding the calling conventions.

  - Josiah

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