easy verbose in functions

Duncan Booth me at privacy.net
Mon Mar 29 12:16:16 CEST 2004

pascal.parent at free.fr (Pascal) wrote in 
news:e567c03a.0403290150.727c9f63 at posting.google.com:

> def myfunction(data, verbose = False):
>    dothis...
>    if verbose: print 'I do this'
>    dothisother
>    if verbose: print 'I do this other'
>    ...
> How can I do to exclude eachtime the `if verbose` statement?

If it offends you that much:

def log_verbose(s):
    print s
def log_dummy(s):

def myfunction(data, verbose = False):
   if verbose:
       log = log_verbose
       log = log_dummy
   log('I do this')
   log('I do this other')

or even pass the log function around as the parameter.

A more general solution might be to use Python's logging facility. That 
gives you the opportunity to classify your log messages by different levels 
(debug, info, warning, error, critical) and also by the section of program 
in a hierarchical arrangement. This gives you the ability to, say, turn on 
debug logging for a class, or a module by editing a config file.

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