"Need Help Using py2exe" -- Update

kschnee at xepher.net kschnee at xepher.net
Tue Mar 23 23:47:59 CET 2004

Thanks for the tutorial reference, but as was pointed out, the tutorial
doesn't work! It mentions the "missing modules" error I'm getting, but its
solution doesn't work. I did:

python setup.py py2exe --includes AppKit,Foundation,dotblas,objc

Result: "No module named AppKit."

So my program requires a module I've never heard of, which doesn't exist,
yet it runs fine within IDLE. What gives? All I'm trying to do is assemble
a Windows EXE of a program that's already working, so I can distribute it
without asking people to install Python, Pygame, and Numeric.

Could this error have something to do with the directory structure? I put
setup.py in the main Python dir. along with a copy of my program's code,
and ran python from there.


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