Tkinter on RedHat Linux 9.0

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Wed Mar 3 19:21:36 CET 2004

Sen jälkeen, kun Perry Mason oli pahoinpidellyt
häntä, Russell E. Owen yllätti tuomarin todistamalla:
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>  rich hammett <bubbarichau at> wrote:

>>In fact, the python rpm from redhat CLAIMS to include
>>Tkinter already.  I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

> My own experience with a freshly installed RH 9 system was that it 
> included fairly old versions of tcl/tk and python, but no Tkinter.

> But it seems likely that there are downloadable Python RPMs that include 
> Tkinter. (Whether that includes the RPM at the RedHat site, I could not 
> say.) Still... it's really easy to build Python from source (kudos to 
> the developers!), and if tcl/tk are available in the usual location then 
> Tkinter is automatically built. (That's the route I went because I also 
> wanted a special destination directory.) If you do go this route, be 
> sure to check the ReadMe; there's a build flag you should set for RH 
> Linux.

Thanks, I also found some discussion on some RedHat boards about
this issue.  None of them mentioned the RedHat flag, though.

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