Getting both PID and output from a command

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Tue Mar 30 03:14:49 CEST 2004

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Hugh Macdonald <HughMacdonald at> wrote:
>I suspect I'll probably use Donn Cave's suggestion when I give it a go on
>monday - I'd rather not use any external modules if I can help it, and I
>know that stderr gives me output in a format that I can read (I know exactly
>which command I want to run here, and I have the program working properly
>except for not being able to stop if before it finishes on its own.....)
Please understand that, as external modules go, Pexpect
is easy to like, because it's "pure Python".  It's just
some Python source code.  You can choose to put it all
inside *your* program, then there's nothing "external".
If you wish, just think of it as a particularly long
Usenet reply that has already been tested.

Cameron Laird <claird at>

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