Again: Please hear my plea: print without softspace

Stephen Horne steve at
Thu Mar 4 23:43:41 CET 2004

On Thu, 04 Mar 2004 13:58:32 -0500, mwilson at (Mel Wilson)

>In article <f0oe40hujm0rqcci2fgrhc445qgjs9anfe at>,
>David MacQuigg <dmq at> wrote:
>>What I think is going on "under the hood" with the print statement is:
>>def print(*args):
>>   for arg in args:
>>      sys.stdout.write(arg)
>                        ^^^
>Ahem,                  (str(arg))
>>      sys.stdout.write(' ')

Ahem part two - too many spaces, as you add one after the last arg.

def print (*args) :
  for arg in args[:-1] :
    sys.stdout.write (str (arg))
    sys.stdout.write (" ")

  if len(args) > 0 :
    sys.stdout.write (str (args [-1]))

  sys.stdout.write ("\n")


def print (*args) :
  sys.stdout.write (string.join ([str(i) for i in args], " ") + "\n")

Steve Horne

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