PEP 318

Stephen Horne steve at
Mon Mar 22 11:23:02 CET 2004

On Sun, 21 Mar 2004 17:53:11 +0100, Marco Bubke <marco at>

>are better but still I used to see [] as list

Surely it *is* a list - a list of modifier functions to apply to the
original function.

To me, the 'as' syntax is misleading. It implies that the syntax is
asserting a type, style or similar attribute of the function. That may
be the expected normal use, with 'staticmethod' etc, but my
understanding is that it is meant to be more general than that. You
can apply any translation or any sequence of translations that you

Not that I care either way, just being pointlessly pedantic really.

Steve Horne

steve at ninereeds dot fsnet dot co dot uk

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