Python & the job market

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Sun Mar 14 19:23:14 CET 2004

Strangely enough, I have taken on that philosophy in my life and it had lead
me to the love of doing database architecture and development as a career.
:)  Using Python or any other programming language would assist me in my
continued endeavor.


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| Do what you love and the money will follow. It works.   Don't worry about
| jobs.
| Read something on metaphysics that talks about how abundance flows to you
| when you simply engage in something that is fun and allows the kid in you,
| or the Spirit in you, or whatever, to play and to create great stuff.
| If you give yourself to other through your talent,  (and the more you
| what you're doing, the more value you're giving to everyone who makes use
| your creation), the more value comes right back to you.
| If you don't like the spiritual angle here, than read Quantum Physics
| how we create our reality through intentions and thoughts, like The
| Holographic Universe by Talbot.  If you're 'buzzing' through the joy of
| engaging in your passion, you may naturally attract abundance by other
| completely unrelated means if doesn't come through programming, or it may
| come directly from this area.
| Closer to home, read what Bruce Eckel wrote about Doing what you love:
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| > I am starting to learn Python but I want to know how the job market
| > for programming using Python. I really don't see many jobs (probably one
| or
| > two) that require Python experience at all. Most DBA and SA positions
| I
| > have seen require Perl and most development position require Java or C++
| so
| > how can learning Python benefit my career if there are little to no
| > that an employer will require the use of Python or consider using Python
| > over other programming languages such as Java?
| >
| > kbass
| >
| >

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