embedding opengl in wxpython window [Re: Advice needed: large OpenGL + Widgets Project for Molecular]

DH no at sp.am
Tue Mar 16 16:02:40 CET 2004

>> 4. wxPython/PyOpenGL
>>   Advantages: Seems to be a healthy, integrated solution to putting
>>   an OpenGL window inside of a widget. Pretty widgets, and lots of
>>   fancy features.

The problem I have though is - can you have an opengl canvas in the same 
window with other wxpython controls.  I've done this in java, basic and 
C, but the wxpython demo only showed opengl animations running in their 
own window.  This is my problem with vpython and sdl too.  I want 
something that can be embedded in a tk/wx/qt/gtk window with other 
controls, even other opengl canvases.  At the C level, it's just a 
matter of clipping the drawing and switching the current drawing context.

 >>   Disadvantages: The OpenGL install still crashed under Windows. A
 >>   widget set that not many people use? Also requires the most amount
 >>   of code rewrite, although if it's the best option it isn't a
 >>   problem.

Yeah, it doesn't work on Windows for me either with python 2.3.  It used 
to work with python 2.2.  Now it complains about not finding glut.

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