FreeBSD or OpenBSD for Python?

Patrick Useldinger p at
Sat Mar 20 16:43:15 CET 2004

On Sat, 20 Mar 2004 06:28:40 GMT, kbk at (Kurt B. Kaiser) wrote:

>However, they do patch Python slightly by adding Modules/setup.local
>to get around a non-standard naming of the tcl/tk libraries.

That is what worries me with OpenBSD. They patch everything in order to
make things more secure, which is their main focus. But doesn't this
bring a lot of compatibility issues along? 
If you compile "plain" Python from  with the patched gcc,
who guarantees that it will work?
If you installed a patched Python, how can you be certain no bugs have
been added?
In any case, you're running a configuration that's less tested than the


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