Python Documentation Blows!

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Mar 31 15:23:01 CEST 2004

francois lepoutre wrote:

>> ... wxPython still is horribly documented. Documentation of
>>the C version of something is really not very friendly especially to new
>>Python programmers. I for one would be glad to buy a book about wxPython
>>if someone a lot more experienced than myself cared to write such a
>>book. I do know C but I still find working from the wxWindows docs
>>frustrating with a lot of trial and error required.
> As was mentioned in a recent thread python is definitively
> the tool for applications with complex code and no or little UI.
> For UI-intense apps, win32 C# and delphi are still hard to beat

Do you say this because of the design tools, or for some
other reason?

I would never have considered that C# had a key advantage over
Python in the area of GUI performance, since most of the GUI
code in, say, wxPython is already in C++ anyway.


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