PEP 328: Imports: Multi-Line and Absolute/Relative

Dieter Maurer dieter at
Sat Mar 27 12:07:24 CET 2004

artur_spruce at (AdSR) writes on 24 Mar 2004 00:19:19 -0800:
> By "current" I meant search in current package first. Anyway, I
> thought it over and concluded that the behavior proposed in the PEP,
> whether it makes more sense than what is now or not, is at least
> closer to what is practiced on POSIX systems for search path: Current
> directory is not in the search path, you have to say explicitly that
> you're running the program from current dir (like "./script").

But you can easily add "." to the search path.

I agree that it will not be an option for Python to make the behaviour
dependent on a site specific configuration option.

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