[OT] Top posting is a PITA [was : Prothon Prototypes vs Python Classes]

R Baumann rynt at 9yahoo.com
Wed Mar 31 18:17:03 CEST 2004

I belong to several newsgroups, some prefer top-posting, and some prefer
bottom posting.  A few posters will spend the time to intersperse their
replies. And a few will even split a post into additional posts to reply
specifically to each question or comment that was made in a previous
post(pretty anal).  Personally, I don't care how you post, it doesn't
irritate me a bit whether the post is top or bottom, replies interspersed,
or broken into multiple posts. My only real irritation, is the people that
feel that they have to include all the prior postings in the thread in their
post.  I know what the thread's about, and if I want to see the previous
posts, I know how to go back and look at them.  I'm just interested in the
answer(s).  Period.

My point being?...There's no "correct" way to reply to a post.  Out of
courtesy, one follows the "standard" of the newsgroup one is participating
in.  Complaining whether one top posts or bottom posts is just a waste of
time, and you, me, we, all know it.  We just don't have anything better to
do but bitch, right?

This particular silly argument always has the same effect; it gets us
off-topic from the original post, and for those of us trying to follow that
topic, this is more irritating than whether one is "posting in the approved
manner".  This thread was renamed to a different subject, but that was a
half-dozen rants later in the thread than it needed to be.

Get my point?  Naw, too much to expect.  I've wasted both your time and my
time with my own rant against your rants. :-)

A lot of you guys seem far more interested in starting arguments and keeping
them running, than you are discussing the pros and cons of Python and
providing helpful answers.  Rein in your egos, no one, and I include myself,
has anything helpful to contribute in this kind of  "dust-up".

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