py2exe - omitting DLLs (not Python extensions!) from the distribution

Paul Moore pf_moore at
Mon Mar 8 21:38:06 CET 2004

I have a Python application, which uses cx_Oracle for database access.
I am wrapping it up into an EXE using py2exe - the result is very
nice, and easy to distribute. However, the dependency tracking picks
up OCI.dll as a dependency of cx_Oracle. Now, OCI.dll is actually an
Oracle-supplied DLL, part of the Oracle client. I definitely *don't*
want to include this in my built distribution, as it depends on the
version of the Oracle client installed, and this may differ between
the build machine and the target machine.

I've tried the --exclude option, but this doesn't work (probably as
OCI.dll isn't a Python module).

I'd rather not have to remember to delete OCI.dll as part of the build

I've searched the py2exe documentation, but I can't see a way of doing
this. Can anyone suggest a way?

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