Reading 'received' headers: Email Headers Parsing

dont bother dontbotherworld at
Wed Mar 3 21:18:53 CET 2004

I am a new bie experimenting with python.
I have this piece of code to parse the received
headers from emails. However, when I run with a file
as an argument it skips lines like: 1, 3, 5 etc...
I see why is this so : Its because of the
But I dont know how to fix this: I mean I dont know
how I can stay at the current one and then when I am
done with the current one I shall go to

Any hints?


import mailbox
import string
import email
import email.Utils
import time
import sys
import re

#open passed mailbox filename
fp=open(sys.argv[1], 'r')

#open mailbox from file

#getcurrent time

#iterate over mail messages

while 1:
#get next message

#exit if we have looked at the last one

        if msg == None:

#get received header
        received =msg.get('received')
        print received
#skup messages with no received header
        if received == None:

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