Python for Information Visualization

Arthur ajsiegel at
Fri Mar 19 15:05:45 CET 2004

On Fri, 19 Mar 2004 13:36:53 +0000, Umesh Persad <up209 at>

>Hi All,
>  I am looking for a platform to rapidly develop
>software for Information Visualization. Since
>I am working in an academic environment, I want
>to be able to develop applications quickly with minimal
>learning and problems. 

And there other tools, besides, to work through Python with 
the powerful VisualizationToolkiit.

>I was looking to python as a solution. However, before
>I jump right in, I was wondering about the capabilities
>of Python for interactive graphical programming. I am
>also using Processing ( which is good
>for quick visualization mockups.

I am curious as to why Processing does not serve your needs, in full.


>Are there any packages for python that will allow me to develop
>interactive applications quickly? Things like having the capability
>to draw whatever shapes I want, changing the GUI to a custom look and
>feel, support for mouse and keyboard interaction, and the capability to 
>handle large amounts of data are important.
>Any advice in this regard would be most appreciated.
>Thanks for all the help!
>Umesh Persad

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