is perl better?

jon c jon_couchman at
Fri Mar 5 18:21:35 CET 2004

>>well the cammand is
>>java -hotspot -showversion ...... -classpath loads of entries
>>the total string is 6809 characters long.
>>I do not know the allowed character length (I am using windows 2000)
>>but perl just runs the command fine, whereas python results in
>>The following character string is too long:

>Is that coming from Windows or Python?  If the latter, give us the full
>exception message, which will say from where in Python.  Also, try putting
>the long string in a .bat file and running the .bat file by itself and then
>from Python.

>Terry J. Reedy

the error is coming from windows!

the error message is as I wrote it.

if you try and execute the command directly from bat you get the error input 
line too long!

can perl be somehow bypassing the windows terminal and running the command 
directly (does this make sense?)

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