Stop code in python!!

The Radiator The at Radiator
Mon Mar 15 15:19:52 CET 2004

I have this code, but I shall have a pause in  the end. Would you plaese
give me some idears to this, or/and write the code better!

p = (raw_input("Password please: "))
if p == "root":
    print ""
    print "Welcome"
    print "to this game, hope you will enjoy!"
    print "But remeber, it still under construktion!!"
    print ""
m = (raw_input("Will you move on to level 2? (y/n)"))
print ""
if m == "n":
    print "Goodbye!!"
    if m == "y":
        print "Hey, this here is level 2"
        print "but it is still under construction"

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