Python & the job market

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Sun Mar 14 02:16:57 CET 2004

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>I am starting to learn Python but I want to know how the job market looks
>for programming using Python. I really don't see many jobs (probably one or
>two) that require Python experience at all. Most DBA and SA positions that I
>have seen require Perl and most development position require Java or C++ so
>how can learning Python benefit my career if there are little to no chance
>that an employer will require the use of Python or consider using Python
>over other programming languages such as Java?

Learning Python is highly unlikely to benefit your career in
the sense of qualifying you for an advertised position, for
the reasons you have cited.  The Python job market is ridi-
culously small, although it's grown more over the past year
than I expected.

Learning Python quite likely will benefit your career because
you'll be a better programmer.

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