PEP 328: Imports: Multi-Line and Absolute/Relative

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> >> While that makes some sense, what about "uncle" references within the
> >> current package?
> >
> >I'm not sure what you mean by "Uncle." The term usually
> >means "parent's brother" or "some son of your grandparents
> >other than your father" so I'd assume it would go up one
> >directory and then sideways, which would require going up
> >another directory.
> >
> >If you are refering to another module in the same directory
> >that this one came from, then I'd code that as:
> >
> >import *.foo
> >
> >However, possibly you meant "cousin?"
> That doesn't sound right either.
> A cousin is an uncles son. Maybe he meant sibling or brother.
> sibling = sideways ref
> uncle   = up then sideways ref
> cousin  = up then sideways ref then down
> OTOH, it depends where you consider the start point to be. It seems
> pointless to have the start point as 'self', so maybe the start point
> is 'father'. A simple reference would then be to a sibling (implicit
> up then down) and a sideways reference to an uncle.
> I'm probably just confused, though I'd love to know exactly how.

Probably a lack of clarity on my part. The way I look at
it is:

If a letter is a directory (package) and a letter
and number is a module, then:

A is the grandfather
A.B is the father
A.B.B1 is the module that contains the import statement.
A.B.B2 is another module in the same package
A.B.D is a package that is a sibling of B1 and B2
A.B.D.D1 is a module in package D, and is therefore a nephew
A.C is an uncle (the father's sibling)
A.C.C1 is a cousin.
A.A1 is another uncle

* then refers to the package (directory) that
contains the module with the import statement.

^ refers to that package's parent directory.

*.B2 referes to a sibling of B1
^.C.C1 refers to a cousin of B1
^.A1 refers to a module in package A
*.D.D1 refers to the nephew D1

Hope this clarifies my way of looking at it.

John Roth
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> Steve Horne
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