emergent/swarm/evolutionary systems etc

Eddie Corns eddie at holyrood.ed.ac.uk
Tue Mar 30 17:03:08 CEST 2004

"Peter MacKenzie" <peter9547 at btinternet.com> writes:

>(Hmm, this might appear as a double posting, but I don't think my last one
>made it through.)

>Thanks, but.

>("One approach to discussing and comparing AI
>problem solving strategies is to categorize them using the
>terms ''strong'' and ''weak'' methods. Generally, a weak
>method is one which has the property of wide applicability
>but, because it makes few assumptions about the problem
>domain, can suffer from combinatorially explosive
>solution costs when scaling up to larger problems. State
>space search algorithms and random search are familiar
>examples of weak methods."

I think 'genetic programming' as opposed to GA may be more in your line.  GP
manipulates code directly with the usual crossovers, mutation etc.  It's
usually done in Lisp/Scheme since just about any mutation is always, at least,
syntactically valid.  The term 'evolutionary computing' is something of a
blanket term for these types of systems.  I don't have any good references,
it's something I want to pursue myself at some point.


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