SHA-based subclass for random module

Trevor Perrin trevp_spam at
Fri Mar 26 04:27:54 CET 2004

Paul Rubin wrote:

> python at (Raymond Hettinger) writes:
>>>I was thinking the same.  How about something like:
>>>   bigNumber = long(bigNumberString, 256)
>>>   bigNumberString = bigNumber.tostring()
>>If this is something you want, file a feature request on SF.
> I made a request like that a long while ago.  Guido suggested that it
> be added to the binascii module, if I remember right.  See SF # 465045
> but there may have been another one elsewhere as well.

yup, I'm following your footsteps again! :-).

It looks like people agreed it was a good idea, it just needed a patch. 
  I gave it a shot, we'll see what happens:



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