Nodenet availability ?

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at
Fri Mar 26 22:55:53 CET 2004 is your friend:

> I am looking for NodeNet (see the announcement below originally posted a
> year or so ago), which would appear to fit my requirements almost exactly.
> f. Unfortunately the link is dead. Is anyone aware if the code announced by
> Matt is available anywhere ? Matt are you there ?
> I've released NodeNet 1.0beta2.  Changes from the previous version include:
> *  Both the network editing control and the node drag window manage
>    their own scrollbars if their data is too big to be entirely visible
>    at once.
> *  In the network editing control, you can drag out a selection box
>    to easily select multiple nodes at once.
> *  Rendering in the Eye Candy demo application is faster.
> You can get the latest version, Windows binaries and online documentation
> at

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