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> Some fairly rudimentary fact-checking would have prevented the 
> errors/oversights listed above.

A few more:

Slide 17: 'Tuples are enclosed in parentheses'

The commas make the tuple, not the parentheses. The first example could 
equally be written:

   myTuple = 1, 4, 5

Parentheses are only required to remove ambiguity (or for empty tuples).

Slide 21, it is worth pointing out the weakness of '{', '}' which is that 
the parenthese you think match up by looking at the block structure aren't 
necessarily the ones that do match: as in the example given where the last 
'}' actually closes the else block.

The 'if' statement shows the full range if..elif..else. It would be 
consistent to mention the else clause on while and for loops also.

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