FreeBSD or OpenBSD for Python?

Donn Cave donn at
Sun Mar 21 02:10:26 CET 2004

Quoth aahz at (Aahz):
| In article <877jxguj53.fsf at hydra.localdomain>,
| Kurt B. Kaiser <kbk at> wrote:
|>Threads are fine.  
| This surprises me a bit.  I know the sysadmins of my NetBSD shell
| provider have had perennial difficulty compiling Python with threads
| enabled.  Is there anyone who uses Python with threads on NetBSD?

I missed that, did he say threads are fine on NetBSD?  NetBSD is one
of the last holdouts on system level threads, so until NetBSD 2.0,
you need a `green' thread package like pth.  I've seen that work, in
a network service daemon application, but my sympathies to the sysadmins
who've wasted time trying to get it to work in Python.  Shell provider
that runs NetBSD?  Interesting.

FreeBSD does have threads.  Implementation changed radically between
v 4 and v 5, if I remember right.

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