[OT] Compilable Python-like language?

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Sun Mar 21 04:41:54 CET 2004

John Roth wrote:

> Actually, I believe he did specify what he wanted it for. He said,
> and I'm quoting from is message:
> [quote]
[snip quote]
> [end quote]
> The key phrase here is
> "just uses Python's basic syntax characteristics (no end-of-statement 
 > markers, use indentation to denote
> code blocks, less verbose syntax overall, etc) without the advanced dynamic
> and OO features would still be interesting to me"
> I certainly think that is clear enough. He wants a compiled language
> that has some of Python's ease of use features. Is that so hard to
> understand?

Yes, it is.  Compiling something is not only an ambiguous concept (Java 
is compiled, but generally runs only on virtual machines and so does not 
have some of the benefits of languages which are compiled to native 
machine code), but does not have *inherent* benefits.  It would be quite 
possible to come up with a compiler which produced very slow code, maybe 
slower than CPython for many specific problems, for example.  If we 
could point Ed to such a thing, would he be happy?  Maybe, but we don't 
know why he specific "compiled".

Without any idea whether Ed wanted improved *packaging*, or 
*performance*, or something else (an academic exercise?), it isn't 
possible to provide a useful answer.

So *yes*, I do think it is that hard to understand.  At least, it should 
be if one really wants to help the OP, IMHO.  Is that so hard to understand?


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