Number formats in wxpython

Piet pit.grinja at
Sun Mar 14 20:40:22 CET 2004

I am developping a small Python/wxPython app to track expenses. A
bunch of information is collected in a wxGUI consisting of text
controls, comboboxes and a small grid. Some values are not put in by
the user, but are calculated (e.g. the price of 789 g apples when 1 kg
is 1.99 € or the mean fuel consumption of a car when the user puts in
the amount of fuel and the driven distance). The values from the
calculations and from the user inputs are stored in an external file.
I would like to define the format of currency information by setting
the number of digits after the decimal point to two. THe information
displayed in the grid can be controlled by using cell renderers, but
the do not influence the output. Is there something like number
formats in wxPytghon, such as the formats known from Mic++++++'s
Thanks a lot

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