what is a good intro book on python ?

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Thu Mar 4 21:41:43 CET 2004

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Subject: what is a good intro book on python ?

> I'm a C++/java programmer and have done a bunch of perl coding.
> I am thinking of maybe learning python. What's a good intro primer, easy
to read
> good examples, understandable, maybe not one of those 2 inch thick books
etc. ?

"Learning Python, Second Edition" by David Ascher and Mark Lutz (1.13
inches) perhaps?

And then, not so much *intro* but absolutely *vital*:

"Python in a Nutshell" by Alex Martelli (1.14 inches)
"Python Cookbook", by Alex Martelli, David Asher (Editors) (1.10 inches)

Vincent Wehren

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