Prothon Prototypes vs Python Classes

Christian Tismer tismer at
Mon Mar 29 15:47:32 CEST 2004

Michael wrote:

>> I think there are enough editors available to be able
>> to use one with fixed font.
> Exactly. I'd say the same thing about the problem with tabs. If your 
> editor has some weird issue with tabs then fix it or use a different 
> editor. It seems a bit odd to me that it's an issue at all.
>> worse: you can lose indentation and totally mess up
>> The problems with mixed tabs and spaces are even
>> You gave the best example by yourself: Use different editors,
>> even with fixed fonts, and you will wonder how they try
>> to "optimize" your tabs. Some try to help you with the indentation,
>> but they use tabs, even if you are not aware of it.
>> I don't say it is a hard problem. But it is an extra complication
>> which consumes a reasonable amount of Python code to check/repair,
>> like tabnanny.
> Why should an editor change anything in your program at all unless you 
> tell it to? If it's changing tabs to spaces or vice versa then it sucks. 
> If I want something optimized I'll enter a command telling it to do so. 
> Otherwise hands off.

If you are on anyone's machine, maybe some Linux server, and
you don't find time to install an editor, then you use vim
for instance, and it depends on its configuration how it
handles Python code. Some indent for you the wrong way.
You have no choice if you are fixing something in a hurry.


> A tab is a tab. This sounds like adding complexity in the effort to 
> avoid complexity. If your editors are broken then stop using them.

I make my living by using several editors on several machines,
all the time. 95 % is ok, but it often comes to situations where
I have to hack "that code on this machine right now", and the user
won't give me the rights or the time to fine-tune my editor
There is also no choice of "hands-off". The customer wants me
to handle such minor problems as "the expert".
This is no matter of choice but daily practice :-)
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