Tips on calling Matlab from Python

Paul McGuire bogus at
Thu Mar 11 02:29:54 CET 2004

I've spent the past day or so working through the various complexities in
calling Matlab routines from Python (please do not reply with suggestions to
use Numpy/Scipy/etc. - our customer is using Matlab, and I needed to learn
how to access it through COM).

Matlab's COM API is actually pretty clean/simple, but there are a few
wrinkles, some undocumented "magic strings", and some odd surprises.  Also,
the Matlab COM API was designed for lesser languages that do not have
built-in support for complex data.  So I captured my usage notes, a simple
wrapper class, and some test code, to simplify this task.

You can find my notes at

-- Paul McGuire

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