put your money where your mouse is, or why I prefer Spanish to English: a proposal

Gerrit gerrit at nl.linux.org
Fri Mar 12 12:55:00 CET 2004

John Benson wrote:
> I propose that we change the language of this board to Spanish, as long as
> we're so vocally committed to using best-of-breed languages. Derived from
> the Iberian dialect of vulgar Latin, Spanish has many important advantages
> over English:

> Thinly-veiled threat: If this board doesn't immediately cut over to Spanish
> because it is obviously superior to English, I shall be forced to consider
> its badmouthing of other computer languages as just so much small-minded
> special pleading.

How about Esperanto?

Zamenhoff-forever-ly - y'rs Gerrit.

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