Problem using py2exe

Sarah Mount s.mountNOSPAM at
Mon Mar 22 17:16:04 CET 2004

Hi everyone.

I'm trying to create an exe for a simple pygame app on Win XP.
I think I've got the latest (python, py2exe, pygame) and my
file looks like this:

| from distutils.core import setup
| import glob
| import py2exe
| setup(name='pyDemo',
|      windows=[""],
|      data_files=[("data",
|                     ["images/sensor.png", "images/start.png"])]
| )

Simple, eh? Well, all runs well, except for the following error:

| The following modules appear to be missing
| ['AppKit', 'Foundation', 'objc']

Since pyDemo doesn't use any of these libraries, I just ignored that.

When I try to run pyDemo.exe, I get the following error report from
the MS Visual C++ Runtime Library:

| Runtime error!
| Program: C:\mypath\pyDemo.exe
| This application has requestion the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual
| Please contact the application's support team for more information.

Eeek! I've no idea where to go from here, so if anyone can help that
would be fantastic.



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